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We live in an age where everyone has quick access to the internet. Since kids go on the internet all the time, you may worry about your children and their safety. After all, they can meet some dangerous people or run into inappropriate websites. If you need some help keeping your kids safe online, you should try out these tips.

Communicate and Discuss

Before you create any rules for your kids, you need to discuss the internet with them. Start off by talking with your kids and explain why you want to establish rules for the internet. Doing so will help them understand your perspective, and they have the chance to express their opinions. Make sure you continue to communicate throughout this process so you can keep your kids safe without leaving them in the dark.

Your kids may find workarounds to your rules if you don’t communicate, discuss, and help them understand your point of view. 

Find a Public Computer Spot

If you have a main computer that the entire family uses, you should put it in a public location with lots of traffic. For example, if your family always uses or passes through the living room, that could be the place you leave the computer. This gets more complicated when your children have their own devices, but you can still have your kids use their computers in a public area. However, this comes down to your kids and their maturity.

Either way, you should leave family devices in public areas to avoid any problems.

Install Virus Protection Software

No matter what devices you have in your house, you need to install virus protection. Virus protection will give you warnings and help you avoid viruses in the first place so you can keep your devices safe. Your kids may not know the dangers of viruses, so make sure you install this software. After installing it, you should also tell your kids not to download anything without your permission.

You can also add search engine scanners to your computer so your kids can receive a warning before clicking on a dangerous link.

Anonymity and Security

You should also explain to your kids that they need to remain safe and anonymous online. If your kids have social media accounts with their faces and names on them, they should only add people they know. If your kids play online games, make sure they don’t use their personal information or give it out to people they don’t know. Doing so will help them remain safe on the internet.

You never know who your kids may encounter online, so they should remain anonymous in online groups or games, and they shouldn’t add people they don’t know on social media.


The internet has become a necessary part of life, but it does pose some dangers to people. While it can provide useful information and important connections to others, you could come across viruses and the wrong people online. Make sure you follow these tips to keep your children safe. After all, some of them may not realize what they can come across online, so you need to establish those boundaries and rules for your kids.

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